How I Help

What’s a Positivity Powerhouse? Or a self-care guru? What do you actually DO?

Good questions! I help you figure out where you’re stuck – because, face it, we all get stuck now and then.

Once we’ve got that handled, I help you find ways to unstuck yourself. I’m not a therapist or a psychologist, and I’m not a doctor in any way, shape, or form. I won’t tell you what to do — you know you way better than I ever could, so any advice I might offer about anything could do more harm than good. And that’s absolutely not what I want. I guide you to help you find the answers for yourself.

And that’s super important, because then you know that they’re YOUR answers. YOU found them, and YOU know how to implement them. It’s absolutely, positively, 100%ly about YOU achieving the goals and outcomes YOU want.

A row of five identical doors in a wall

What, you think working with me means I know which door to pick? They’re your doors, my friend.

What’s a Self-Care Guru?

As a self-care guru, I am not a healthcare professional. What I do isn’t “therapy lite.” Therapy looks at your past to create a happier, more stable future. I help you look at your present, set attainable goals, and lay out a plan to achieve them. Therapists look to your past to understand why behaviors occur. Gurus look at how to reach a certain goal. Therapy’s goal is a deep understanding of why you do what you do. Guruing focuses on the results of what you do.

My guru program takes place over Zoom and Voxer. I record our meetings so neither of us gets bogged down in taking notes, and we can be present with each other. You get a copy of the recording. And we’ll take a look at how you can change your mindset about self-care in whatever area or areas of your life are troubling you, and how you can motivate yourself to make the changes you want to make. 

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Come, little one, and I shall tell you the tale of the landline

My programs

My guruship is designed to get you from overwhelmed to overcoming, from stressed to making progress, from unsuccessful and ineffective to powerful and productive. REALLY REALLY REAL self-care is a three-month program with biweekly meetings and grants you access to me, via  Voxer, with a 24-48 turnaround time (usually faster!).

You can choose three monthly payments of $550, or the full payment of $2000, which saves you $350.

You can also choose REALLY REAL self-care, a three month program with Voxer access to me, again with that 24-48 hour turnaround. You can opt for three monthly payments of $350 or pay in full at $1200, which saves you $150. 

With both programs, you get the skinny on what I’m up to next before anyone else does. I’m working on creating my first of many courses, so you can turn yourself into a Positivity Powerhouse that much faster!

I’ll also provide downloadable worksheets and checklists and whatever else I come up with. (Still working on that, too.)

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You can use one of these…. I guess… if you must…

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