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I guest posted about challenging the stigma of mental illness

It was recently asked by Altovise Pelzer of Our Voices Matter to write a guest blog post in the realm of mental illness. What I wrote was an essay on how being crazy is awesome.


If you’ve known me for more than about five minutes (or read my introductory blog post), you know that I have bipolar disorder, panic disorder, OCD, and a slew of other anxiety disorders.  And I’ve been dealing with mental illness in one way, shape, or form since I was about five years old. So when I talk about crazy, I know whereof I speak.

Here’s an excerpt from the blog post:

The thing I enjoy most about being crazy, or, in PC terms, a person living with mental illness, is that societal expectations go out the window. Oh, you’ve got mental illness? I’m so sorry, please carry on dancing down Main Street in a tutu during a thunderstorm. 

You’ll also hear about black licorice, circus clowns, puppets, drowning goats, spontaneous combustion, potato farming outside Ulaanbaatar, rampaging wildebeests, and house centipedes. 


(And if you think it’s easy to fit all that – and more – into a single blog post, well, you’re absolutely right!)

But I wanted to make sure there was vivid imagery to drive home the points I was making about the stigma of mental illness, and how being crazy is actually awesome. 

Go read the full post here

A ballerina in front of a set of industrial doors, flanked by two large potted plants, wearing a leotard, tutu, and toe shoes, en pointe with her legs outstretched






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