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Hey, there! Today’s message is about coming alive. Don’t you wanna come alive? Figure out what makes you feel alive? 

Listen in! You’ll hear all about it.



Hey, it’s Kriss, your positivity powerhouse. Have I got a message for you today!

Oh, my gosh! Love this one.

My good friend Howard Thurman was quoted in a work called Violence Unveiled by Gil Bailie, and what Howard said, was, “Ask what makes you come alive and go do it, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Have you come alive yet?

I sure have!

I wouldn’t be podcasting here if I hadn’t.

So, who is this Howard Thurman guy? 

Howward Thurman was one of the people who influenced Martin Luther King, Jr.

That should tell you just about everything you need to know about the man.

He, gosh, he did so much.

He served as a pastor, he wrote a bunch of books, he traveled abroad and worked with people like Ghandi and other world leaders.

He was Dean of Rankin Chapel at Howard University. 

He was the first white dean of anything- he was the first black dean of anything at an all-white college, which I can’t find the reference for, and you’ll just have to Google and find out…

No! There it is.

Boston University, he was the Dean of Marsh Chapel. He was the first black Dean of Chapel at a majority white university in the United States. 

He also served on the faculty at the Boston University School of Theology. 

So, this is a serious guy who, when he spoke, had gravitas, and not everyone has gravitas.

What’s gravitas, Kriss? 

Gravitas is like pornography: you know it when you see it.

It’s all about having the confidence in what you say, and the seriousness in which you say it, and the deep meaning behind it. 

That’s what gravitas is.

And my boy, Howard Thurman, he had gravitas. Like, whoa.

I don’t know what “like, whoa,” means but it was in a song that I heard.

So, how does this impact the Triple M’s?


Well, when it comes to mood, God, it makes you feel so enthusiastic, and passionate, and so excited to go forth and do the things that have made you come alive.

You get to do your passions. You get to do your joys, whatever it is that brings you joy, that brings you passion, that brings you happiness and glee and delight.

You get to go do those things

Doesn’t that sound awesome?

That’s kind of what I’m doing right now.

See me doing it? I’m doing it! I’m doing it right here. 


When it comes to mindset, this quote makes me feel ready to go forth and be awesome

Are you ready to go forth and be awesome?

‘Cause, you totally should be, like, right now. 

You should be ready to shut this off, right now, and turn off your computer, and go forth, and be awesome!

Or, leave your computer on if your, you know, passion is a computer-related thing. Like, if you’re a blogger, or a vlogger, you should go forth and do that!

You should be ready to do amazing things. You should be looking forward to seizing the day. Carpe diem, seize the day

And go suck out all the marrow of life!

Which is, I just had a brain freeze and forgot who said that.

Thoreau, Henry David Thoreau.

He went to the woods because he wanted to live deliberately and to suck out all the marrow of life to put to naught all that was not life, and not when he died, to realize that he had never truly lived. 

Howard Thurman wants you to go forth and truly live, just like Thoreau wanted to do on Walden Pond back in the woods.


When it comes to motivation, God if this quote isn’t a motivation to act, I don’t know what is, unless it’s like somebody beating you over the head with a pool noodle, and going, “I’m not going to stop this until you go forth and do something, so go! Go! Go! Go! Go!”

Because that would motivate me to either, like, take the pool noodle away from them and break it in half and like beat them on both sides with it, OR to get up and go forth.

And, unless you’ve missed previous episodes, you know I’m disabled, and I can’t, you know, get up and go forth all that easily. 

It takes like canes and walkers and, you know, a crane hanging from my ceiling (which, there’s totally not a crane hanging from my ceiling, so it doesn’t help any).

You know, I can walk about five feet without falling over, if I’m not holding on to anything, on a good day.

So, I can’t, like, just get up and go.

But, you can! I would bet money that you can.

Like, 98% of you can get up and go.

But, I’m motivated to act. I’m motivated to do. I’m motivated to stop thinking and to stop second guessing and stop doubting, and that’s huge

Like, oh, my God, I can’t tell you how freaking enormous that is, to stop thinking, to stop second guessing, and stop doubting.

Because those are three things that I do really, really, really, really well.

Like, I am a World Champion at overthinking, and second guessing, and doubt.

But, if you listened to Episode 1, you would know the source of what I’m about to say, and the meaning behind it: “This is my life, now. What’s next?”

So, you’re starting to see how some of these Messages from the Wall weave together and work together.

So, this is my life now. What’s next? Stop second guessing, stop doubting, go forth, and act. 

So, thank you, Howard Thurman, for making me come alive and go do, which is, like the only way I started doing this podcast was by “stop overthinking, stop second guessing, stop doubting, and go forth.”

Catch you next time!


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