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We’re having fun in this episode, ‘cause I’ve got passion in my pants and I ain’t afraid to show it!



Welcome back for another episode of the Positivity Powerhouse Podcast! I’m Kriss, and I’ll be your Positivity Powerhouse today.

Or tomorrow. Or the next day. 

I’ll always be your Positivity Powerhouse! Right here, anytime you need a little boost in your mood, your mindset, your motivation. That’s the Three M’s.

I feel like a gangster, like I’m doing this like a gang sign.

Today’s quote is all about the passion, about the party, about having fun, and joy and fanaticalness, about what it is that you’re doing!

Because LMFAO went and said, “I’ve got passion in my pants, and I ain’t afraid to show it.”

Now, if you listened to the last episode, you heard a little bit about how I get ideas for what I’m gonna write, what I’m gonna talk about on a podcast, what I’m gonna blog about, what I’m gonna…do whatever.

And one of those things is to listen to my Spotify playlist and writing down as many ideas as I can come up with, triggered by the songs that are even remotely related to my niche, which is mental health and personal development and self-improvement. 

So, when this one hit, it was like, “Of course! I have to talk about this one!”

Not so much write about it, ‘cause it’s a little hard to write about passion in your pants, but I can talk about it!

So, LMFAO obviously said it, and it was on their September 2011 hit album, “Sorry For Partying Rocking,” because their first hit was, of course, “Party Rock Anthem.”

Party rock is in the house tonight!

Can’t sing today, losing my voice. Um, I can normally sing, though, so it’s OK.

So, the context is, um, how the verse goes:

“When I walk in the spot,

This is what I see:

Everybody stops and they


Staring at me.


I got passion in my pants,


And I ain’t afraid to show it.


Show it, show it, show it.


I’m sexy and I know it.”


And if that doesn’t get your excited, and up on your feet, and ready to dance, and laugh, and have some fun, then I don’t know what the hell will!

Because you are obviously dead.

If you have no passion in your pants, you have died.

And I’m not talking about sex or anything like, I’m talking about passion. I’m talking about ardent, fervent, expressive, fanatical passion.

Passion for life!

Passion for your family!

Passion for work!


Passion for hobbies!


Passion for something!




In your life!


You’ve got to have passion!


Gotta! Gotta, gotta gotta!


And if you have the other kind of passion, well that’s great, too.


But we’re not talking about that here today.



So, the mood, you know, like I said, ardent, fervent, expressive, fanatical, passionate, up-in-your-face, you know, inspiration to move, to do, to create, to work, to produce, to get something out there into the universe that you are fanatical about.


That you are passionate about.



For the mindset, it leads right in from the mood. Knock down, drag out, hard-hitting, in-your-face, tremendous PASSION.




I’m gonna keep yelling passion at you until you finally get, you know, you need to have the passion in your life!








So, that’s the mindset. It’s knock down, drag out, “you are going to do this, because you love it so. freaking. much.”


It’s hard-hitting, and in your face, tremendous, because you can’t contain it!


You can’t control it!


You can’t wrap your arms around it and, like, bring it in to calm it down, like, “it’s gonna be OK, it’s gonna be OK, it’s gonna be OK, it’s gonna be OK. It’s all right.”


No! You can’t do that because it is so tremendous, you cannot wrap your arms around it to get it in, to, like, calm it down. 


It will not be calm.

It will not be tamed.


It is passion.




The motivation is to get loud and take up space!


Jodi Goldman of “She Steps Up” is a fashion coach, I think is what she calls herself. She helps women figure out what they should be wearing so that they can get loud and take up space.  

That is her mission, to help women get loud and take up space. 


And I owe her for that.


To live life out loud, to live deep and to suck the marrow out of life (thank you, Thoreau), and to not be small.


Don’t be small.


On, I think it was Season 2 of The Voice, there was a guy named Chris Mann. He was an opera singer, he was a tenor. And he said something that really just hit me right there,  just like an arrow to my heart.


He said that he finally got tired of trying to make his voice be small to blend in with everybody else. 


He finally decided that it was OK to be loud.


And, in other news, when I was at the height of my singing career, I was married to a guy whose last name was Mann, so, when I was singing, I was Kriss Mann, and I had to make my voice small to fit in with everybody else’s.


And I decided, I’m not being small anymore. 


So, I’ve got a podcast, and I’m writing a book, and I’ve got a Facebook group, and I’ve got two businesses that I’m running. 


Plus, I’m doing my “day job” of click work. You know, answering surveys, training AI’s, all that kind of stuff.


So I’ve got three jobs, two of which I am totally passionate about, like can’t stop talking about. I could talk to you about my businesses for an hour, for two hours, until my voice ran out completely (which it’s, you know, getting ready to do).


So, this is probably the last episode I’m recording today!


But, it’s all about- God! I wanna reach through the computer and grab you by the ears and go, 












‘Cause, you’re sexy and you know it.


Boom ba-doom-boom, boom ba-doom-boom, boom.


Um, I will not try to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle for you because I would likely fall out of my chair.


But, if you need a good laugh, watch the video on YouTube. It’s freaking hilarious!


Um but the lyric is what hit me, and what stuck with me, and what I wanted to share with you, because oh my god, the passion, the passion, there’s so much passion that you can have for everything in your life! 




And it kills me to see people who aren’t living like that.


Who are living small.


Who are living quiet.


Who are living in their itty, itty bitty, teeny, tiny whatever they’re living in, and not being loud, not allowing themselves to take up the space that they deserve by their birthright of being a human person on this earth.


Kills me.


So, get the passion in your pants. Don’t be araid to show it. 


And we’ll catch you next time.




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